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Friday, 30 November 2012

Welcome to the dangers of poop!

Health risks from birds and buggy are usually exaggerated, LOL I should know. Still, ANY Birds: Pigeons, Doves, Sparrow, Black Bird, Sea Gull roosting for a period of time can gift the chance of Malady. Malady, what a dainty word to use for such a sad meaning. I feel like waving my hand like a queen would every time like say or think it :
1. any disorder or disease of the body, especially one that is chronic or deep seated.
2. any undesirable or disordered condition: social maladies; a malady of the spirit.
Or In My Words "Depression, Nausea, Headaches, Fatigue, Flu Like Symptoms, Can Cause Rash"
The SCARY SERIOUS HEALTH RISKS arise from malady organisms Mites that may grow within the nutrient-rich accumulations of bird POOP,feces, feathers,Straw and grass that sparrows have brought into the vent, soffit, behind Fascia in between Walls, Ceiling, Attic and Roof to create a nest. Even at home you have Pigeons roosting on your Eves Trough, So what, You think. You've got birds roosting in your side vents?Bat(s)Birds or Pigeons pooping on your porch or deck, whatever it's outside, You Say.
EVERYDAY ALL DAY LONG: You walk the dust inside on the floor where you walk in bare feet. Where Your kids play and your babies crawl. The Worst one is your pet. your dog or Cat that goes outside and is rolling around in it. Unfortunately you, your Kids, dog or cat doesn't stop to think of where they walk,crawl or roll around. If it's beneath a roost — notably if roosts are active for years. The parasites mites will invade whatever area is closest from where they are in the vents your house on the Eves, Store or Building's Entrances, Business Signs and bite individuals. Or They can come home with you. On your clothes, on the bottom of your shoes. Then it is transported into your car or mini van.
While External parasites additionally could become a drag or DIE. Once troubled Animals or buggy leave roosts or nests.
Transference of the Contaminated Substance Bat, Raccoon, Squirrel, Chipmunk, Skunk, Possum, Groundhog, Mole, Vole, Mouse/Mice, Rat, Bird, Pigeon, Bird POOP,Feces, Feathers,Straw Garbage, Newspaper and Grass that Bats, Raccoons, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Skunks, Possums, Groundhogs, Moles, Voles, Mouse/Mice, Rats, Birds, Pigeons, Sparrows, etc have brought into the vent(s) On your house the Eves, Roof Edge/Top/Peeks Store or Building's Entrances, Business Signs, Parking Lots or Drive Thru, your Back yard Deck, Shed or Porch.
FUNNY IN A BAD WAY: Something you never think about. I know I truely didn't, till I started writing this. Bird and Pigeon Shit is EVERYWHERE, I mean SCARY EVERYWHERE!!!
THINK ABOUT this as you are leaving work today. As you leave your office...GET ON THE EVEVATOR....GO OUTSIDE. WALK DOWN THAT DANG WALKWAY WITH ALL OF THE PIGEONS OR BIRDS ROOSTING ALL OVER IT.....guess what?